A Women’s Guide To Power Dressing In Business

Power Dressing Women's Guide

It is not uncommon for society to focus on appearance rather than capabilities or personality. Because of this, often an opinion is often formed based on appearance before you are even introduced to an individual. This can be disastrous for the fashion impaired, especially when dealing with business related tasks.

There are some definite dos and don’ts for today’s business attire, according to guide like http://lookingthebusiness.com/. Below is a women’s guide to power dressing in business that you should familiarize yourself with If you want to be a successful power-dresser.

9 Tips for Dressing with Power and Style

1.Suit Up: I couldn’t care less what business you’re in. When you have the correct event for power dressing, you wear a suit, or maybe a custom-made shift and a matching coat. At the point when suit shopping, pick an exemplary cut, a lightweight texture that is not occasional (no chunky tweed, no crumbly linen), and a unique color that suits you well. I support darker hues for suits with fewer patterns

2. Visit a Tailor: Go to a tailor in your picked suit. Nothing looks more awful than a baggy suit, so ensure it fits superbly. Particularly have any sews confirmed to work with the shoes you’re destined to wear with it. If all else fails, keep the skirt length simply over the knee and the pants below the leg.

3. Shirt: You need an extraordinary shirt that fits snuggly under the suit, yet not all that cozy that catches pop. Try not to go too low profile, however, a little dive is chic, particularly under a coat with lapels. Get an ivory or white shirt — most skin tones work better with either. No dark bras! A velvety silk is additionally a champ.

4. Shoes: you should consider comfortable shoes yet have a touch of height. Toes are a no-no. In the event that you can pull off red-soled Christian Louboutin pumps with a pantsuit.

Accessorize well!

5. Lips: For your lip, Orange, fuchsia, and turquoise are attractive however they simply don’t bring out the seriousness in you. However, I will do red. Red is a power shading to me. A red bag and lips color will do for most women… what’s more, just with negligible cosmetics.

6. Jewels: A pearl jewelry, a clasp or a basic sculptural gold sleeve work. Try not to wear excessively bling.

7. Wear a classy watch: A fine watch says something in regards to how organized you are as well as your style. Wear one. On the off chance that you don’t have a Cartier, don’t get worked up, a vintage watch will be less costly and similarly as striking.

8. Legwear: during cold seasons, I would do dark tights or pant socks. In the late spring, I would do uncovered legs. Pale white legs, no, yet somewhat self-leather treater and you’re ready to go. To know exactly what I mean, click here.

9.Carry a matching bag: An attractive bag that runs with your suit is an added advantage. I’d avoid excessively striking colors. Look more for a realistic logo style in the event that you can manage the cost of it. Bags shouldn’t be big and not all that little that it won’t hold your cell phone.


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The Definitive Guide To Buying Electronic Drums

Electronic Drums

Learning to play the drums can be very rewarding and satisfying, whether you already play another instrument or not. Electronic drums are an excellent choice for a new beginner.

Sometimes people have some common misperceptions about electronic drums. One of the most prevalent is that a beginner should learn to play acoustic drums first. According to bestEdrums.com This myth is likely based on outdated information and stems from the drawbacks of electronic drum systems from the 1980’s.

Electronic Drums – The Beginning

It was during this decade that companies began mass-producing electronic drum systems, particularly for the non-professional player. A lack of computer and digital technology combined with high demand and rapid production led to systems that were sub-par. Many lacked the feel of “real” drums, and the only kinds of sounds they were capable of producing were not true to the sound of acoustics. It’s little wonder that so many musicians of the eighties and early nineties became disillusioned with electronic drums.

Unfortunately, some of those perceptions still linger, even though technology has changed dramatically since then. Today’s electronic drums have broader capabilities and more current technology. The sounds they are capable of producing, particularly quality brands like Roland drums, are very realistic. Many are indistinguishable from those of their acoustic cousins.

Benefits for Beginners

Because of this, today there is no reason why a beginner can’t learn to play using an electric drum set. In fact, it can be advantageous, since a drummer can learn how to use MIDI and sampling at the same time as he or she learns the basics of drumming. It’s like learning several skills at once.

Beginners (or their parents) need not worry about the transition from electric to acoustic drums later on. Quality electronic drum kits like Roland drums are built to closely mimic acoustics, both in set-up and feel. This makes for seamless transitions from electric to acoustic and back again.

Like acoustics, electronic drums also feature the basic drums: toms, snare, bass, and cymbals. The way they are configured will depend on the type and brand but are typically set up in the same manner as an acoustic kit would be. The beginner will learn the function and sound of each of these drums, the same as he/she would with a non-electric set.

Beginner Kits

In addition to being able to learn the basics of drumming, the beginner will also be introduced to the sound kit(s) with most electronic models. The Best E-Drums come with built-in sounds and effects. Many have the capability to have other sound kits added on later if desired.

The type of beginner’s kit that you choose should depend mainly on the player’s age and your budget. Very young players who are just starting out (about age 10 and under) can get away with a very basic kit. Roland electronic drums, for instance, manufactures a line of small drums which features all of the standard drum and cymbal components.

Kits like these are ideal for beginners because they contain everything the learner needs, plus a few built-in effects, all for a very minimal price. Choosing such a set means that the purchaser (who is often the parent of the beginner) isn’t investing a small fortune in an instrument that a child might lose interest in within months.

Many electronic drum kits can have extra components added to them later on, should the need arise. Some can be added right into the original setup. Others are compatible with freestanding components. Be sure to check into this option when you buy.

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The Best Lego Train Sets To Buy In 2017

Lego train sets Maria

Lego trains are a popular choice for many kids. It enables children to create train lines depending on what they like. The train sets have everything kids need to create the train and provide a fun way to spend free time. Using the train sets, kids can create tracks through tunnels or under a bridge. According to Maria, there is a wide variety of train sets that you can buy to give your kids the best play time. Before you decide to buy a Lego train you should look at the best Lego train sets to buy in 2017. These Lego trains are of the best quality and design

Lego city heavy haul train

There is no way you will go wrong with the Lego city heavy haul train. First of all, it is easy to assemble the parts. It also comes with a five mini figure workers, whereby one of the workers is female. You make it more fun by adding lights since the engine power can support the lights. The engine can also support the train when it is moving at very high speeds. If you are on a tight budget and you want to give your kids the best train experience, then you should go for the Lego city heavy haul train.

Lego creator Maersk train

The Lego creator Maersk train will sure give you value for your money. You get 1,237 pieces. Some of the pieces that you get are a trailer, three containers, shunter truck and two wagons. You can fit an engine that will improve the train functions. The Lego creator will keep your kids busy for an incredible amount of time. Furthermore, it will also improve their creative side.

Lego train 9V cargo railway

The Lego train 9V comes with seven mini figures; speed controller, trackside ramp, and an oval shape track. Therefore, you can be in control at all times. It has a small engine but it can get the train from one point to another.

Lego city cargo train

The Lego city cargo train has features such as auto carrier wagon, tank wagon, engine, and two small cars. It has four mini figures that include one train driver and three freight workers. Therefore, your kids can enjoy playing with their train sets throughout the day.

Lego trains cargo set

There is no doubt that this train set will give you value for your money. It has 544 pieces that help your kids to build the best train station. It comes with nine volt speed regulator, engine, 20 rails, three freight cars, and some cool accessories. This Lego collection is a sure way to bring out your child’s creativity.

If you want your kids to have the best time, then you should not hesitate to get the best lego train sets. You can check out the above train sets to choose suitable one for your kids. You cannot go wrong with one of the train sets above. Go ahead and surprise your little one with the best train gift and increase their level of creativity.

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Tips And Tricks For Using A Pressure Washer

Tips For Using A Pressure Washer

In this pressure washer guide, we’ll look at some things to consider when choosing pressure washing equipment and learning how to use a pressure washer around the garden. Once, garden clean-downs meant a hose with a spray nozzle and a stiff broom. Nowadays, however, pressure washers are much more affordable for garden use; they’ve revolutionized cleaning projects as diverse as revitalizing a patio or washing a caravan. The following are the tips and tricks for using a pressure washer.

Why use a pressure washer?

The latest models (sometimes called ‘power washers’) at whatpressurewasher make it easier than ever to complete cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently. Their power gets rid of stubborn dirt – leaving paths and patios like the day they were laid and much safer without their slippery patina of grime and moss. Please note that some paving materials are unsuitable for the highest power pressure washing equipment. If in doubt, check with the paving manufacturer, look for a guide in their product literature or test a small area first…

Essential safety advice

Common sense decrees that safety precautions be adopted when cleaning around the garden. For instance, areas to be washed should be cleared of loose debris before starting work; never spray directly at people or pets; precious ornaments or plants should be protected.

How to use

A typical pressure washer guide recommends that it’s good practice to keep the washer’s lance between 150 and 300 mm away from, and at a shallow angle to, the surface being cleaned. This is especially important where paving or blocks have pointed joints or are bedded on sand. Progress across the area to be cleaned should be systematic – cleaning one block or slab before moving on to another. If new to cleaning, try a small inconspicuous area first – you’ll soon learn how to use your equipment like a pro.

Pressure washers are much more powerful than regular hoses and take care of difficult jobs, requiring less time than using a normal flow of water. On occasion, they include hot water and steam options, which eliminate any stains in a very convenient manner. Due to their high power, there are of course certain risks involved when using them, and one needs to be aware to prevent accidents from happening, as well as to prevent damage to the surfaces you want to clean.

Checking your washer for faults

It’s very important to make sure the parts in your washer have not suffered any damage such as tearing, as running it with faults is likely to cause long-term problems. If a part is damaged, it must be replaced before using the appliance. When using a fuel such as gas or petrol, it is also imperative to check that there is still an adequate amount left, as turning your pressure washer on without enough fuel in it can damage or even destroy it.

Using pressure washers on wood and outdoor furniture

Whereas washers can on occasion be used on wooden surfaces such as decking, sheds or log houses, as well as on garden furniture, one must be careful not to prolong this use and also adjust the power whenever possible. Excessive pressure is likely to damage the finish applied to the wood, such as lacquer, paint or treating solutions which enhance the durability of the wood.

Gas pressure washers and air contamination

The reason why gas pressure washers have decreased in popularity relates to the risk of releasing carbon monoxide, which is extremely toxic and can become lethal in certain quantities. Carbon monoxide is odorless and therefore very difficult to detect in good time to prevent serious damage. If you own a gas pressure washer, it is advisable not to use it indoors as carbon monoxide can accumulate in enclosed spaces.



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How To Choose A Mig Welder


Welding the process of putting 2 or more pieces of metal together. There are as many different types of welding machines as there are ways of using them. Welding is an art in the hands of a professional welder. For those of us that are good enough just to stick 2 pieces of metal together we stand in awe of someone that can take it to an art form. I have been welding for many years just around the farm repairing fences, cars and building different things out of steel. For me I like using wood but my favorite is building things out of steel mainly because if I make a mistake you can normally add or remove steel easier than you can with wood and make it look like there was never a problem. Buying a MIG welder doesn’t need to be a complicated task. There are many sites which help you like http://onlytopreviews.com/mig-welder-reviews/. However, in order to make certain that you get the best one for your particular situation, there are a number of things you should check into before you buy.

Things to Check before you buy

Make sure you have a clear idea of what your goal is

What things are you expecting to weld? How often do you need to use it? What sort of environment will it operate in?

Are there any particular brands of welder that you are hoping to use?

What about MIG welder brands you are hoping to avoid? Everyone has different experiences with various makes and models, so it’s important to get that sorted out right away.

You need to look at the features of the MIG welders you are considering

What sort of heat settings, output amperage, and wire feed rate do you require?

How thick will be the material you’ll be welding? Ensure that the welder you acquire is capable of handling it.

Is there anything peculiar about input voltage or amperage? Open circuit voltage?

What about the cooling mechanism and circuit breaker protection?

Do these pose any sort of concern for you?

Lastly, something as basic as the dimensions of the MIG welder should be taken into consideration. Will it physically fit into the area you expect to use it? What about for storage?

Once you have done your homework on which models match your requirements, you are then in a position to do some Internet searching to find the best deal for your MIG welder.

These are several of the thousands of options you will have online when you begin shopping for your next welder in earnest.

Always remember that your level of satisfaction with your welder comes back to how well you have researched your purchase ahead of time.


These are just a few of the many questions you need to ask before choosing a mig welder. As you can see, it’s a lot more complex than driving down to a big box store and buying what’s on the shelf. Though there are sites which guide you through the process like http://onlytopreviews.com/. If you educate yourself before you make your purchase, you’ll save money, and end with a welder that will be much more useful in the long run.


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Best Apps To Watch TV Series On Mobile Phone

The cost of living is getting out of hand and a lot of families are relooking their budgets to see where they can cut down. Luxury items are usually the first to go. And by luxury, I mean the things we could actually do without. Regular take outs or eating at restaurants, excessive birthday or Christmas gifts and cable TV or satellite services don’t necessarily add value, and we would rather spend the money on essentials – you know food, gas money, rent.
We as a family need to get rid of our cable. It’s a cost we can’t justify anymore, even though the family insists there’ll be nothing to do without it and their lives won’t be worth living anymore. I’ve explained to them that many of their favorite shows are an arm’s reach away, on their android or smartphones and tablets. They just need to know which apps to use.
All the big broadcast and cable TV networks are offering free streaming apps, some even let you stream content right after release. You can click on Showbox Movies Online to explore this side of TV. So even without pay TV, you’ll still be able to watch the hottest series and not feel left out when people talk about GOT.
Here’s my list of the best apps for streaming TV series on your mobile. Enjoy!


Sling TV is a subscription based live streaming service that gives you between 25 – 100 channels. Subscriptions start at $20 a month with channels like HGTV, CNN, and ESPN. The app lets you fast forward, pause, rewind and gives you up to 3 days of replays.


HBO Go is also a subscription based service and lets you stream the best HBO content to your Android or smartphone. You get to watch all the movies and award-winning shows like GOT, True Detective, and Boardwalk Empire. You can create your own Watchlist, which is a wish list of all the shows you want to catch up on, and you can watch these on your phone, your laptop or even your TV.

HBO Now is a new offering which skips the cable subscription and instead you pay a direct subscription to HBO’s streaming service.
The difference between the two is that HBO GO is free is free if you’re an existing HBO subscriber. HBO NOW is a new independent service available to everyone at a cost.


DISH Anywhere app allows you to watch your subscribed channels streamed right to your mobile phone, with a selection of on-demand videos.


CBS is a free app for Android and IOS. You can stream all of your favorite CBS shows the day after they air, for free. This is the ‘lite’ version but you can get CBS All Access, which opens up a whole world of entertainment.


It was only a matter of time for Amazon jump on the video streaming couch. Amazon Instant Video lets you rent or buy a large selection of movies and first episodes of selected series. You can also opt for Amazon Prime, which allows you to stream, from thousands of videos.


Crackle is like a lite version of Netflix, and it has its own shows, like the Jerry Seinfeld-produced ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ and ‘Sequestered’, a new legal drama.


Subscribers can get early access to videos and episodes such as the Tonight Show, UFC and a variety of YouTube content creators. You are able to follow shows, various channels and programs, and categories. If you’re a free user, as in you’re not paying, you can still access a huge amount of content, just not early access.


Sitting comfortably between Crackle, the free advertising-supported service, and Netflix, which is subscription based, Hulu has a paid service and a two tier free offering. You can download the app for free and stream loads of content or you can upgrade to Hulu Plus, which simply adds to your viewing choices.

The options are endless already and as technology gets quicker, better, faster, we’re only going to have more access and variety in term so of apps for streaming TV and movies. Currently, the free streaming apps have limited use but in time more content will be available on both free and subscription based apps. The bandwidth’s the limit.

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Choosing The Right Bluetooth Speaker Made Easy


Whether you are on the go or unwinding at home, there is a simple approach to making music that you are playing on your cell phone or tablet – just match them to Bluetooth speakers. They are prevalent due to their compactness and can serve the greater part of your music needs. These are a standout amongst the most adaptable gadgets out there in the market, and each brand has Bluetooth speakers in their product offering. With a plenty of alternatives, picking the right one might be an assignment. Subsequently, there are sure pointers that you have to remember when obtaining.

The latest technology of today has allowed us many unimaginable gadgets we never thought could be possible. Bluetooth is one of them. It is a kind of wireless networking that allows different gadgets and devices to be connected. Its connectivity usually occurs in a short range type of operations which makes it more of a personal connection to a group of people involved.

What Bluetooth Can Do

A Bluetooth enabled headset lets its user answer incoming calls from their mobile phones without having to get them. Some headsets can even perform an outgoing call using voice recognition. Aside from that, Bluetooth also can connect your headset not only to your phone but as well as to other devices such as mp3 players, computers or PDA. If you plan to purchase a headset, might as well continue reading bestbluetoothspeakers.com so that we can help you how to choose the Bluetooth headset that best fits you.

There are different kinds of Bluetooth headset according to their size and styles. There headsets that are regularly wired which can be an ear bud speaker and shirt clip or major dual ear cup headphones with angle-boom microphone. There are also headsets that are small and very light that you would not even notice you are wearing them. Some headsets are also a heavy duty that is made with secure mounting structures to make sure they will not fall off easily. As compared to normal headsets, those with Bluetooth are bigger in size because of the battery and other electronics inside that are needed for its wireless connection.

How to find the right Bluetooth Headset

When choosing the right headset, you also have to consider the manner on how it is worn. There are two ways: by a loop around the ear or by plugging into your ear. The loop type of headset may be more comfortable but is less secure. On the other hand, the plug-in type may be uncomfortable at first but offers more security.

Another important consideration is the functionality of the headset. This includes how easy it is to use the headset and whether turning it on and off is convenient for you since you’ll be wearing it most of the time. The headset should also be able to connect to the mobile phone immediately. It is better if the headset is user-friendly and understanding other controls and functions should be easy.

You must also take into consideration the price of the headset whether or not it fits your budget. You should be practical enough to balance the functionality with its price. You can also choose the style and design that you want without giving up on its functionality.

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What You Need To Know Before Creating A Survival Kit


How much is an urban survival kit important and necessary? This fact is something you’re not going to admit and know unless you know your responsibilities in terms of saving your own life and the life of whom you love.

It’s to remember that various disasters whether they are made by humans or sent by the Lord often come without any appeared signs. One can’t be prepared to face them because of being occurred without giving you any warning.

The only time you know a disaster, is when it smashes and hits you. So, it’s natural to have a survival kit in order to make yourself and your beloved people safe. No need to prepare or buy a fancy kit. Instead, it should be simpler, but with the qualities of saving you all the time when needed. Also checkout mysurvivalprepper.com for more ideas.

The only thing which is considered important is the content your kit keeps inside. Let’s have a glance at some items you may need before building your first survival kit.

Emergency Shelter

There are various cities where victims of disasters can find ready shelters, especially who are awaiting evacuation. Several charity organizations welcome people who became stranded and they help them happily. The shelters made by those charity organizations are strong and able to withstand high winds and can keep you safe regardless of the intensity of disaster.

However, sometimes those organizations and cities aren’t able to help you because of a big number of victims and the lack of resources. So, what to do in such case? If it happens, you may find yourself in a position of having no idea and fortune to build your own shelter. Why not to prepare an emergency shelter with your own survival kit ideas before disaster harms you?

Potable Water

Almost in the whole world, cities are facilitated with a lot of helping activities and the most important is water supply. But there is a question. Whether the sources of water supply are safe to drink becomes a big issue for people?

Unfortunately, chances of harming water are endless in the cities filled with unnecessary traffic and heavy population. Families with no care of storing the water in bottles or at least heavy containers should prepare themselves to withstand the disaster of water lacking.

Unless you consider storing water in clear tanks, you may have to settle with using dirty water found in toilet tanks and rivers. I know this looks very unpleasant, but what to do when there is no other source of having water to drink? Here purification plays its role and groups with this service can make money for providing you the pure water.


Food is something you should never avoid when putting necessary items in your survival kit. Make sure to keep the food able to last three days. The period of happened disaster will be unknown and you will never know the length of the aftermath. It’s a good idea to keep a surplus instead of trying to keep other non-required stuff.

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What Types Of Outdoor Playhouses Do Kids Love

kids love


Kids are always proactive creatures and are always full of energy. Containing such levels of energy will may not be a walk in the park, you will first have to move a mountain from one location to another. After completing this task you can then think of making your kids calm. The indoor space can be very small for kids to fully exploit their talents, abilities and have fun. The best way to manage them is by providing them with outdoor play toys. Outdoor playhouses have become one of the most liked toys by the kids.

A playhouse in your garden will be a perfect gift that you would have given your kids. They will be always spending most of their time in it engaging in physical activities rather than sitting on the couch watching television. Their interaction while in the playhouse tends to sharpen their imaginative skills as you can also read at  playhouseguru.com as they will start reasoning issues in a more creative way.The market is full of different types of outdoor playhouses that choosing the perfect one for your kids can be quite a challenge. These playhouses vary in the material used to make them and also come in different designs.

Wooden Playhouses

If you would like to buy a playhouse that scores highly when it comes to durability, then you should consider getting your kids a wooden playhouse. However, this type of playhouse comes with an extra cost as compared to plastic ones. Wooden playhouses can be purchased when they are complete or can be constructed while at your premises. They have quite a limited flexibility.

Plastic Playhouses

This are the most common types of playhouses that both the kids and the parents love. Kids love them because of their soft material which is easy to interact with. Parents love these playhouses because they are quite affordable. Some types of playhouses are made of very durable plastics and this makes them to last for a long time. When it comes to durability, plastic playhouses take all the score. They can be easily moved around the garden since they are very light. This type of playhouses take care of the fact that kids are visual beings and that is why the come in very beautiful and elegant designs which will impress the toddlers. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Types depending on age

The taste of playhouses varies among kids of different ages meaning that before you buy one, consider your kid’s age. Many babies are usually fascinated with play huts, tents and tunnels. This is because kids in this age group are very sensitive to things around them and will hate anything that makes them uncomfortable. These types of playhouses are soft and have been add different materials to look sophisticated.

Toddlers need an extra space to accommodate their friends so you should purchase one that is quite spacious for this purpose. It should be small enough to be used for indoor setting as the kid is still young. The most recommended manufacturers for these type are Little Tikes and Step2.

Preschoolers need a larger playhouse that can accommodate children ho have reached 5 years old. Wooden playhouses are perfect for kids beyond 5 years old as these are the best play house because they are strong enough to support vigorous activities.

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Safe Ways To Use A Beard Trimmer

safe ways

Keeping a beard or a goatee is a sure way to looking sophisticated and having the ladies swooning. Recent research actually shows that keeping a beard is a sure way to maintain your youthful looks longer. However, a beard can quickly get out of hand if proper care is not taken, taking over your face, and making you look less than your brilliant best. That in mind, we can see that a beard trimmer, one that suits you and your preferred style is an absolute must for every suave male. If you are a beginner, go for a mid-range version, one with many length settings. That way you can start with the longest length and shave in. As the saying goes, you “Start long and finish short”. It does not only end there, though. Owning a beard trimmer is one thing; knowing how to use it is quite another for which you can get multiple tips on http://www.beardtrimmertips.com/. The good news is that it is not hard to learn. With the adjustable lengths that most beard trimmers now have, it’s even easier than before for a beginner to begin shaving like a pro.

The following tips should guide you towards proper beard trimming techniques:

Prepare Your Beard First

Yes, there are beard trimmers which are water resistant and help save time as they enable you to shave under a shower, but you should avoid those for now. If you happen to have one of such beard trimmers already, you should avoid using it in the shower.

The proper way to prepare your beard for shaving is to wash it and dry it before shaving.

Once your beard is feeling soft and dry; comb through it to make sure that there is no matted hair hiding within. This is particularly important if you happen to have long hair.

Go for the Neck

This is great advice if you are in a death match. It’s also good for beard trimming. A clear and confident trimmer line speaks well of you.

Take the guard of the trimmer and carefully trim away at the border where you want your beard to start. If your hair is long, you can start with a number 3 guard comb to go over the entire chin first.

Try not to go too close to the chin except you really want to: going to close to the chin has a way of making you look like you have a second chin sometimes.

Try the Sides

At this point you want to define those side burns. Trim the side burns before going for the chin. It’s easier that way because the line created by your side burn either ends with it, or continues to form the upper boundaries of your beard when you eventually switch to your chin.

The trimmer itself might get in the way of you seeing what you are actually doing when you try to trim your chin, making it hard to trim that line you want. If you have long facial hair which you only want to put down, this should not be a problem; but if you plan on going with something more defined, you may want to consider using a regular old throwaway razor. They are still the best at bringing lines to a fine finish.

Do this on one side, and then the other. Except you are taking all the hair down.


For the moustache you want to go with a longer length guard. You do not want any mistakes here:

Firstly, the curved nature of the upper lip makes it harder to manoeuvre around-the guard makes it harder to cut yourself.

Moustache hairs also tend to stand or point outward if they are cut too short. This is not a very nice look as I am sure you have heard before.

Maintaining your Look

To maintain your beard you simply have to wash it regularly, and keep it dry. Use a small comb to keep the moustache flowing in one direction.

Shave the un-bearded parts of your face often, and trim the inevitable stray hairs once a week or more often if the need should arise.

Use these tips on safe ways to use the best beard trimmer, and you should become a whiz in no time.

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