All About Oktoberfest

Geman party


It is the world’s largest beer celebration, held annually in German. It is a 16 day festival. It occurs in the late September to the first weekend in October, the date is never stable. It is always held in downtown, Fredericksburg, Texas on Marktplatz. The festival area is approximately 13 acres. According to, the festival attracts over 7 million visitors every year and it employees around 12,000 people. It is a free festival.

Only traditional music is played during the celebration. It also holds church mass for all showmen and visitors. There are over 140 food stalls in the tents. You can also find a red cross tent, this is for anyone that gets injured during the festival. They are given first aid. Police tends are also available for those that may decide to break the law.

They wear traditional hats that are made of fur. It is considered the more goat hair in your hat the wealthier you are. The mayor opens the ceremony by raising a mug of beer and no one is allowed to do so before the mayor does it.
It is 205 years and it has only be cancelled 24 times, this is due to cholera and war epidemics.

History of Oktoberfest

It is said to have originated from the marriage between king Ludwig and princess Therese on October 12, 1810. Horse racing was conducted in the honor of the royal wedding. Other sport that were done and still done up to date were tree climbing, bowling alley and swings. Prices awarded to the winners include silver, porcelain and jewelry. To honor the marriage a parade was done in the year 1810.Since then the parade has become an annual event. It is celebrated annually with an estimated 1.8 millions of gallons of beer are consumed yearly.

In the tents the owners parade, you get to see the horses in carts decorated with flowers. The parade starts early in the morning at around 10.45. Beer been the most important thing at the festival it is usually sold from 10am to 10.30pm on week days and from 9am to 10:30 on Saturdays, sundays and holidays. There is always the presence of witresses with large beer mugs with garlands and big warden barrels. Only traditional beer is served with the waitress dressed in traditional women dress.

There is always a tent for lost and found items. The lost items are placed in the tents, though most lost items are found during the course of the following day. It is usually opened between 1pm to 11pm. Things that don’t find their owners are stored in Munich’s central lost and found office for six months thereafter they are sold to the public. There is also a lost and found children’s tent. Whenever one looses their children they go to the tent and look for them.

On the entertainment part there is always a band of people playing tuba or euphonium and wearing german lederhosen. There is also what they call Hauptstrasse chicken dance. Signing up for the dance begins at 9:00am and a prize is given to the first 350 people to register. There is also an activity known as 42 tournament. Prizes are given for the first, second and third place teams.

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