Ideas For Contest Prizes And Giveaways

Contest prizes


As a customer, you may as well be thinking of enjoying the benefits accruing to the promotional programs held all the time by companies or market brands. When companies hold promotional contests, the participants take advantage of the giveaway items given by the companies. In most circumstances, the gifts are distributed free of charge. Those individuals or groups that win the contests or selected through a lucky draw get the items free of charge. For companies these competitions are the perfect way for distribution of Promotional Items.

Contest prizes and giveaways serve a broad range of functions. They generate publicity for the business and build the customer mailing list. Besides, they help conduct market research and entertain the party guests. However, for the functions to meet their objectives there are ideas for contest prizes and giveaways that each business owner ought to have in mind.

The ideas

However, the prizes and giveaways ought to be within the budget, or if not you should not worry because they contribute to the all-round success of your business. Here are some of the prizes and giveaway ideas to have with you.

Folding sunglasses and custom business card magnets

To the winners of the contest, you can distribute them with sunglasses. The sunglasses may contain the name of your company and location. Besides, the sunglasses may also include the phone number and address of your business. You may think that sunglasses are cheap, but they will market your business as they are very useful. Besides, magnets are inexpensive things and can help promote your business.

T-shirts or other clothing

To the winners of the prizes and giveaway contests, you can distribute them with T-shirts of different colors. They may be white or black as these are among the most coveted colors. Besides you can also distribute them with V-necks and vests as these are among the clothes that do not wear out quickly. Besides, jerseys can also work the sport knit clothes mainly.

Foreman promotional pencils, pens, and notepads

Pens and pencils are the lightest things, and one can easily move around with them. These two items are very cheap, affordable and useful. To make it unique, you can get different colors and styles. If you intend to have multiple giveaways, you can buy the pens and pencils in bulk as this will be cheaper for you. Notepads containing your business name, address, phone number and location can work better as well.

Key rings and pocket (or desk) calendars

Almost each one of us at least uses or handles a key every day. Keys are among the necessities of many people. As such, we need key rings for our houses, businesses or cars and because they are easy to carry and move around. Another essential thing to many people is a calendar, especially the pocket calendars. You can take them anywhere you go. If the business needs to promote itself, it will be a good idea to develop simple pocket calendars with their names, address and phone numbers printed on them. Desk calendars can also work well as the handlers can place them in their offices regularly reading the business name printed on it. All the visitors to the office will also get to know about the company, thus, its promotion.

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