Where And How Did Cat Eye Makeup Begin

egyptian cat eye makeup

Everyone loves a cat eye makeup (at least most men do). The winged liner works magic in a woman’s eye, and has the ability to transform your eyes into an utmost form of self-expression, while giving you a flirtatious allure – something men can’t ignore. The cat eye makeup at Vivieenne.com enhances your eyes and makes them amazingly attractive.

I guess that’s the reason why it’s been so popular for so many centuries. Yep, if you didn’t know, cat eye makeup has been in existence for the longest time it can be remembered.

I know winged liner and the cat eye look is Taylor Swift’s signature, but over the decades, this makeup style has been equally popular with many other celebrities, and it goes all the way from the 19th Century (in the 1800s!)

Where Did It All Start From?

So where and how did cat eye makeup begin? Well, according to historians, the cat eye makeup was first worn in ancient Egypt and predominantly popular in the Mesopotamia. At the time, the eyeliners were used for various other reasons, not just beauty.

It’s hard to dispute the origin of this makeup given that most Egyptian arts and monuments depict women (and sometimes men) with the cat eye makeup. Archaeological digs also found traces of malachite, which is a material that’s used in adorning the eyes.

The Egyptians did the makeup where they rimmed the eyes with dark black liners. However, this hasn’t changed much. We still do the same, but with a few modifications thrown around.

The Egyptians and the Mesopotamians wore the eye paint (kohl) from when they were young as kids to when they grow older, and even in death. Basically, the cat eye makeup was an Egyptian culture.

Although the kohl was used for beautification reasons, it was also used for other reasons such as medicinal and spiritual (to drive off evil) reasons. It was also worn to keep them cool particularly from the heat, as well as protect them from the desert skin.

Eye cat makeup was so popular because of the kohl since it had antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which ensured the eye was safe from dust, flies, and insects.

The Historical Trends Over The Decades

Over the years, during the 20th century, cat eyes makeup has emerged and re-emerged in a number of historical occasions – in the same manner that Taylor Swift has re-emerged its popularity in the current times.

For instance, the 50’s saw the invention of the liquid liner, as Brigitte Bardon popularized the look. The liquid liner made it easier for the ladies to get that thick, precise line.

Then came the 60’s where celebrities like Sophia Loren (actress) and Ira de Furstenberg (socialite) took the game to the next level and added a bold, graphic liner on both bottom and top lashes.

After that, came the 80’s when the winged liner took on a punk edge, as the cat eye makeup steered from the prim, precise and proper look, which had become some kind of a “usual” look. Celebrities like Madonna popularized this trend.

The 2000’s also had its share of celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Amy Winehouse, etc., who embraced the cat eye makeup look. And of course, there is the current celebs rocking the look, such as Doutzen Kroe, Hailee Steinfield, Cara Delevingne, Coco Rocha, and quite many others.

Actually, it seems the cat eye makeup is here to stay for several other centuries to come.


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