What Are The Best Portable Scanners

best portable scanners

When you are looking to select a portable scanner, what are the best portable scanners will be your foremost question. This is a question that can be answered by assessing your needs. Different people have different needs, and hence you need a scanner which has features that address your needs. The following are critical aspects to look out for:

-It should have good resolution to accurately render your documents in digital format.

-It should have the capacity to scan different sizes of documents.

-It should be able to transfer or store the files created into a memory card or their internal hard disk.

-It should have the capacity to save the digital files in output formats that are compatible with other hardware.

-It should be highly portable.

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Resolution refers to the detail that the portable scanner renders to the digital copy of the document. The standard unit for measuring the resolution of a scanner is dots per inch (dpi). For simple text documents, a resolution of 300 dpi will normally be sufficient. However, for a portable scanner which may be called upon to scan complex color documents or paragraphs in the field, a 600 or higher dpi scanner is required. It is critical to note that scanning in high resolution means that your digital documents will take up more space on the device.

Paper Dimensions

The majority of scanners will be able to scan standard size documents. For your portable scanner, you need a scanner that can scan longer and shorter pages such as legal documents and itemized receipts. If you expect to scan many documents , a scanner that allows not only automatic, but also multi page paper feeder is recommended. A suitable portable scanner should include a guide for scanning varied document formats.

File Format and Data Interface

Scanned documents need to be transferred to your computer for storage. Many portable scanners will scan and save the digital files as JPG or PDF which are saved directly to the computer’s hard drive or transferred through a USB connection. An even better scanner will have the capacity to scan using optical character recognition software. This will offer greater convenience as such documents will be searchable on your computer as opposed to JPG and PDF.

File Management

A good portable scanner ought to have software to help in the management of the digital files. Software such as WIA and TWAIN that allow scanner access to third party applications make it easy to edit images and change their formats for ease of use. The portable scanner should be able to scan in color, black and white and grey scale.


In the determination of what are the best portable scanners, portability is a key component. You will need to determine the documents you are expecting to scan and your location at the time of the scan. If you are a person that often scans while on the move, a lighter scanner with less accessories may be best. For a user who scans most documents from home or the office, a larger unit in terms of weight, dimensions and accessories may not be much of a problem.

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