Best Apps To Watch TV Series On Mobile Phone

The cost of living is getting out of hand and a lot of families are relooking their budgets to see where they can cut down. Luxury items are usually the first to go. And by luxury, I mean the things we could actually do without. Regular take outs or eating at restaurants, excessive birthday or Christmas gifts and cable TV or satellite services don’t necessarily add value, and we would rather spend the money on essentials – you know food, gas money, rent.
We as a family need to get rid of our cable. It’s a cost we can’t justify anymore, even though the family insists there’ll be nothing to do without it and their lives won’t be worth living anymore. I’ve explained to them that many of their favorite shows are an arm’s reach away, on their android or smartphones and tablets. They just need to know which apps to use.
All the big broadcast and cable TV networks are offering free streaming apps, some even let you stream content right after release. You can click on Showbox Movies Online to explore this side of TV. So even without pay TV, you’ll still be able to watch the hottest series and not feel left out when people talk about GOT.
Here’s my list of the best apps for streaming TV series on your mobile. Enjoy!


Sling TV is a subscription based live streaming service that gives you between 25 – 100 channels. Subscriptions start at $20 a month with channels like HGTV, CNN, and ESPN. The app lets you fast forward, pause, rewind and gives you up to 3 days of replays.


HBO Go is also a subscription based service and lets you stream the best HBO content to your Android or smartphone. You get to watch all the movies and award-winning shows like GOT, True Detective, and Boardwalk Empire. You can create your own Watchlist, which is a wish list of all the shows you want to catch up on, and you can watch these on your phone, your laptop or even your TV.

HBO Now is a new offering which skips the cable subscription and instead you pay a direct subscription to HBO’s streaming service.
The difference between the two is that HBO GO is free is free if you’re an existing HBO subscriber. HBO NOW is a new independent service available to everyone at a cost.


DISH Anywhere app allows you to watch your subscribed channels streamed right to your mobile phone, with a selection of on-demand videos.


CBS is a free app for Android and IOS. You can stream all of your favorite CBS shows the day after they air, for free. This is the ‘lite’ version but you can get CBS All Access, which opens up a whole world of entertainment.


It was only a matter of time for Amazon jump on the video streaming couch. Amazon Instant Video lets you rent or buy a large selection of movies and first episodes of selected series. You can also opt for Amazon Prime, which allows you to stream, from thousands of videos.


Crackle is like a lite version of Netflix, and it has its own shows, like the Jerry Seinfeld-produced ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ and ‘Sequestered’, a new legal drama.


Subscribers can get early access to videos and episodes such as the Tonight Show, UFC and a variety of YouTube content creators. You are able to follow shows, various channels and programs, and categories. If you’re a free user, as in you’re not paying, you can still access a huge amount of content, just not early access.


Sitting comfortably between Crackle, the free advertising-supported service, and Netflix, which is subscription based, Hulu has a paid service and a two tier free offering. You can download the app for free and stream loads of content or you can upgrade to Hulu Plus, which simply adds to your viewing choices.

The options are endless already and as technology gets quicker, better, faster, we’re only going to have more access and variety in term so of apps for streaming TV and movies. Currently, the free streaming apps have limited use but in time more content will be available on both free and subscription based apps. The bandwidth’s the limit.

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