How A Humidor Helps Keep Cigars Fresh

humidifier cigars

Cigars might be a pretty pricey investment and this is a reason good enough for smokers to ensure a proper storage for their cigars. A good cigar is anything about the way it was stored considering that in order to keep their quality high for a long time they need specific air conditions.

What’s the ideal condition for cigar storage?

In order to maintain cigars quality, they need humidity. The perfect storage condition would be 70% humidity and approximately 68 degrees F, otherwise cigars will simply won’t taste fresh or they might shrink or get loose in inadequate storage conditions. You can read for a deeper explanation of why this happens. The main reasons why cigars need a specific humid environment is because Tabaco is a tropical plant and if it’s not kept in an environment alike its natural habitat, cigars will simply lose their characteristic that makes them fresh, tasty and not so good.

The solution?

Buy a cigar humidor. A cigar humidor is a box designed specifically for cigars and has the purpose to keep the humidity level within. Humidors are usually made of woods and they come in different sizes and varied prices. The best cigar humidor may even cost thousands of dollars if made from exotic hardwood that perfectly imitates the environment in which the tobacco stays fresh but there are definitely some cheaper options. In any case, their main purpose is to ensure a humid climate for the proper storage of cigars.

How a humidor helps to keep cigars fresh

Cigars humidor have a humidify device that monitor that regulate and maintain a humid environment required to keep the cigar fresh. The optimal conditions to keep cigars fresh in a humidor box are the ones that best imitate their tropical environment and that means approximately 70% humidity and 68 degrees F (or 21 degrees C and 67-70% humidity).And how do you know if your cigar was properly stored? If the cigar is brittle, burns quickly and tastes harsh and unpleasant it means that it was stored in a dry environment, but on the other hand if it was kept in a higher humidity than requires, then the Tabaco inside may become soggy and loose and impossible to be smoked. As cigars can be costly, it is such a pity to be wasted because of an unsuitable storage. As humidors are not that cheap either, they are not just an option but an imperative condition. Otherwise if the cigars will become soggy or harsh and impossible to be smoked, why would one even buy them? These being said, a cigar humidor is a long-term investment for everyone who plan to enjoy a fresh Tabaco once in a while without worrying about how long will its quality last.Some of you may wonder if cigars can be properly stored without a humidor. They may, but if you live in Canada or USA for example, how will you create the environment of Cuba or Nicaragua in order to maintain your cigars fresh? Even if you might try, there is very likely to obtain the same perfect condition as a cigar humidor will so it is recommended to invest in a humidor rather than try to assure a humid environment by yourself.

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