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Funny & Imaginative Oktoberfest Costumes

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Though it started in Germany Oktoberfest is observed by people of many other countries as well. Good food and drinks as well as beautiful costumes are the order of the season. Since October is just two months away it is a good idea to get ready for the occasion from now onwards. Buying costumes from and decorating homes are also important components of this festival. It is the children who derive a lot of pleasure from these festivities.

Costume themes

In case you are hoping to participate in Oktoberfest celebrations the first thing to concentrate on is your Oktoberfest costume. The best way to get one is to go online and look for a good online store that offers them. Since they are arranged on different themes it is a good idea to decide on the theme for your costume this year beforehand. Once you do, choosing your costume will not be a big issue. These fancy costumes come at very reasonable prices as well. In order to enjoy this advantage you need to visit the right online store.

Choosing the right costume

When you look for your Oktoberfest costume in a good online store, you will find that there are ones for men women and children. When it comes to women’s costumes you have a variety of them such as onesies, corset bustiers, lingerie as well as accessories. Choosing the right ones out of them is also not an easy task. This is why you need to prepare in advance. You have the option to get the assistance of your friends and relatives in this case as well. One good thing with buying costumes is that they are cheap.

Halloween is another festive event that falls on the month of October. Costumes occupy an important place in these festivities as well. If you live in Australia you may be aware that for buying Halloween costumes Melbourne is one of the best places. All brick and mortar shops as well as online stores become well stocked with them when October 31st is nearing. You also need to buy some sweets and keep them ready for the children who will come to your household on the Halloween night.

Kinds of costumes

Funny & Imaginative Oktoberfest costumes may come in several different packages. One of this is a complete package containing a shirt, hat and lederhosen shorts. You can always choose on the best colour for yourself since there are wide range of colours such as blue, green and many more colours and designs. It is also up to you to match your costume with the most appropriate colour and style of shoes.

Ladies equally have their own costumes that have been designed to suit the activity they are going to participate in. though men should also be concerned with how they appear, ladies are the ones who should care the most. There are also wide ranges of costumes designed for you for use on this occasion. An example is the Ladies German Oktoberfest Beer Maid Fancy Dress Costume that comes as a complete package with a G-string and a dress with a petticoat.

All About Oktoberfest

Geman party


It is the world’s largest beer celebration, held annually in German. It is a 16 day festival. It occurs in the late September to the first weekend in October, the date is never stable. It is always held in downtown, Fredericksburg, Texas on Marktplatz. The festival area is approximately 13 acres. According to, the festival attracts over 7 million visitors every year and it employees around 12,000 people. It is a free festival.

Only traditional music is played during the celebration. It also holds church mass for all showmen and visitors. There are over 140 food stalls in the tents. You can also find a red cross tent, this is for anyone that gets injured during the festival. They are given first aid. Police tends are also available for those that may decide to break the law.

They wear traditional hats that are made of fur. It is considered the more goat hair in your hat the wealthier you are. The mayor opens the ceremony by raising a mug of beer and no one is allowed to do so before the mayor does it.
It is 205 years and it has only be cancelled 24 times, this is due to cholera and war epidemics.

History of Oktoberfest

It is said to have originated from the marriage between king Ludwig and princess Therese on October 12, 1810. Horse racing was conducted in the honor of the royal wedding. Other sport that were done and still done up to date were tree climbing, bowling alley and swings. Prices awarded to the winners include silver, porcelain and jewelry. To honor the marriage a parade was done in the year 1810.Since then the parade has become an annual event. It is celebrated annually with an estimated 1.8 millions of gallons of beer are consumed yearly.

In the tents the owners parade, you get to see the horses in carts decorated with flowers. The parade starts early in the morning at around 10.45. Beer been the most important thing at the festival it is usually sold from 10am to 10.30pm on week days and from 9am to 10:30 on Saturdays, sundays and holidays. There is always the presence of witresses with large beer mugs with garlands and big warden barrels. Only traditional beer is served with the waitress dressed in traditional women dress.

There is always a tent for lost and found items. The lost items are placed in the tents, though most lost items are found during the course of the following day. It is usually opened between 1pm to 11pm. Things that don’t find their owners are stored in Munich’s central lost and found office for six months thereafter they are sold to the public. There is also a lost and found children’s tent. Whenever one looses their children they go to the tent and look for them.

On the entertainment part there is always a band of people playing tuba or euphonium and wearing german lederhosen. There is also what they call Hauptstrasse chicken dance. Signing up for the dance begins at 9:00am and a prize is given to the first 350 people to register. There is also an activity known as 42 tournament. Prizes are given for the first, second and third place teams.

Tips For A Special Wedding With A Rental Limo

Wedding Limos

Having a limo riding the bride and groom down the aisle is the dream of every person. Getting the best experience is the wish of everyone and that is why a perfect wedding will never miss to include a limousine. You could be having the wedding limo right at the venue but that is not a breakthrough because there are other tips you need to know for an elegant wedding. To get the most out of the wedding limo service, then you must do the following:


Advance Booking of the Limo

You are not the only person who is about to book for a Limo Service in San Diego or any other place soon. Having that in maid, you need to book in advance especially during peak times such as during holidays and prom. What will you do during your Big Day when the limo service providers say that they have all been booked? Tears will be the order of the day! By booking in advance you will get the ride you wanted not what was left for latecomers.

Limo Service Provider Profile

Not all companies that offer limo rental service are licensed and insured. It is important to know about the company’s details in advance to avoid regrets. The good new is that there are authority sites you can refer to in your town to ascertain this information.

Limo Capacity

Prior to the wedding day you probably have an estimate of those who will be riding in it. You then have to take a look at the exact limo you will use to ensure that it will have enough space for those who will be onboard. It is better to have more bridal party members inside the limo than asking others to opt for another means when it’s due date. The limo should also be well conditioned and with a décor that matches our bridal party.

Go Beyond Borders

When doing anything, there is always that chance of forgetting some stuff. Limo rental service is not an exception and that is why you must be certain of everything. After verifying the right limo the time is now for the little things that are equally important. Where will the limo pick and drop the bride and groom or the guests? What should you do when they don’t arrive on time? What will happen if you cancel your wedding during the night before? Do you have their contact at hand?

The bride and groom that follow these tips should be ready to have the time of their life riding in a limo. Everything will be hassle free and fun. Your guest will wish to hold their wedding just like you did because you will have proven to them that a limo makes a wedding great. Limousines always add touch to any even not just weddings and that is why new similar services are always launched. Nowadays, people can hardly do without them when it comes to parties.

It is about that time you should get the best limo service for rental in your location and your wedding will undoubtedly be memorable and exciting.