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Make Your Intimate Relationship More Special With Accessories

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In a lasting relationship, the intimate experiences shared by the partners is often an important factor. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to make your intimate relationship better with accessories. Lubricants are used by many people as an addition to the pleasure derived from intimacy. However, there may be some drawbacks, hence one should be very careful when choosing the type of lubricant to use and should refer to lubricant reviews. Generally, lubricants helps to improve love making by ensuring moist genital tissues, thus reducing the amount of friction and enhancing a more pleasurable intimate contact.

Lubricants can be utilized on their own, even though they are usually utilized with condoms to reduce irritation resulting from latex. It is important to consider applying lubricants prior to intercourse. They can also be easily included into foreplay by partners. Love making lubricants are mainly available in three major varieties. These include water based, silicone based or oil based lubricants.

Water based love making lubricants

These type of lubricants are viewed by most experts as the safest love making lubricants which can be utilized during both masturbation and intercourse. Water based lubricants do not result to the deterioration of latex. They also do not result to skin irritation. Furthermore, these kind of lubricants are very easy to rinse using plain water.

It worth noting that water based lubricants are either with glycerin or without glycerin, which is a substance that taste slightly sweet. Some of the brands that contain glycerin entail but not limited to Aqua lube, Astroglide and Probe. There are other ingredients which may also be included in these kinds of lubricants so as to enhance intercourse. For example, there are some brands that have variants with additives which can prolong the erection of a man.

Oil based love making lubricants

These types of lubricants entail products such as petrolatum, hand creams, baby oil, vegetable oil as well as mineral oil. The oil based lubricants are highly recommended for individuals who like masturbating. These is due to the fact that a coating of oil can be left on the intimate parts which increases bacterial infection risk.

Always avoid using oil based lubricants with condoms, because it can result to the disintegration of the latex. According to experts, over ninety percent strength of a condom can be reduced by mineral oil. This result to high possibility and risk for condom breakage or leakage, hence high risk for unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

Silicone based love making lubricants

These types of lubricants last longer compared to water based love making lubes. View Lubricant.Reviews for details on these. Generally, one can use them very safely with condoms or and other latex items. There some people who prefer them because of their texture. But these kind of lubricants do not have a good taste. They are also hard to be rinsed off with plain water, and there are some women who experience genital irritation in case the silicone products are not washed away directly after intimacy.

Even though personal love making lubricants may be good and able to improve intimacy experience for some individuals, it is very important to be cautious since there are some lubricants which may contain tough ingredients on highly sensitive skins. Always consider using lubricants with a lot of care, and avoid as much as possible to use any lubricant product that result to irritation of the skin.