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Best Apps To Watch TV Series On Mobile Phone

The cost of living is getting out of hand and a lot of families are relooking their budgets to see where they can cut down. Luxury items are usually the first to go. And by luxury, I mean the things we could actually do without. Regular take outs or eating at restaurants, excessive birthday or Christmas gifts and cable TV or satellite services don’t necessarily add value, and we would rather spend the money on essentials – you know food, gas money, rent.
We as a family need to get rid of our cable. It’s a cost we can’t justify anymore, even though the family insists there’ll be nothing to do without it and their lives won’t be worth living anymore. I’ve explained to them that many of their favorite shows are an arm’s reach away, on their android or smartphones and tablets. They just need to know which apps to use.
All the big broadcast and cable TV networks are offering free streaming apps, some even let you stream content right after release. You can click on Showbox Movies Online to explore this side of TV. So even without pay TV, you’ll still be able to watch the hottest series and not feel left out when people talk about GOT.
Here’s my list of the best apps for streaming TV series on your mobile. Enjoy!


Sling TV is a subscription based live streaming service that gives you between 25 – 100 channels. Subscriptions start at $20 a month with channels like HGTV, CNN, and ESPN. The app lets you fast forward, pause, rewind and gives you up to 3 days of replays.


HBO Go is also a subscription based service and lets you stream the best HBO content to your Android or smartphone. You get to watch all the movies and award-winning shows like GOT, True Detective, and Boardwalk Empire. You can create your own Watchlist, which is a wish list of all the shows you want to catch up on, and you can watch these on your phone, your laptop or even your TV.

HBO Now is a new offering which skips the cable subscription and instead you pay a direct subscription to HBO’s streaming service.
The difference between the two is that HBO GO is free is free if you’re an existing HBO subscriber. HBO NOW is a new independent service available to everyone at a cost.


DISH Anywhere app allows you to watch your subscribed channels streamed right to your mobile phone, with a selection of on-demand videos.


CBS is a free app for Android and IOS. You can stream all of your favorite CBS shows the day after they air, for free. This is the ‘lite’ version but you can get CBS All Access, which opens up a whole world of entertainment.


It was only a matter of time for Amazon jump on the video streaming couch. Amazon Instant Video lets you rent or buy a large selection of movies and first episodes of selected series. You can also opt for Amazon Prime, which allows you to stream, from thousands of videos.


Crackle is like a lite version of Netflix, and it has its own shows, like the Jerry Seinfeld-produced ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ and ‘Sequestered’, a new legal drama.


Subscribers can get early access to videos and episodes such as the Tonight Show, UFC and a variety of YouTube content creators. You are able to follow shows, various channels and programs, and categories. If you’re a free user, as in you’re not paying, you can still access a huge amount of content, just not early access.


Sitting comfortably between Crackle, the free advertising-supported service, and Netflix, which is subscription based, Hulu has a paid service and a two tier free offering. You can download the app for free and stream loads of content or you can upgrade to Hulu Plus, which simply adds to your viewing choices.

The options are endless already and as technology gets quicker, better, faster, we’re only going to have more access and variety in term so of apps for streaming TV and movies. Currently, the free streaming apps have limited use but in time more content will be available on both free and subscription based apps. The bandwidth’s the limit.

Choosing The Right Bluetooth Speaker Made Easy


Whether you are on the go or unwinding at home, there is a simple approach to making music that you are playing on your cell phone or tablet – just match them to Bluetooth speakers. They are prevalent due to their compactness and can serve the greater part of your music needs. These are a standout amongst the most adaptable gadgets out there in the market, and each brand has Bluetooth speakers in their product offering. With a plenty of alternatives, picking the right one might be an assignment. Subsequently, there are sure pointers that you have to remember when obtaining.

The latest technology of today has allowed us many unimaginable gadgets we never thought could be possible. Bluetooth is one of them. It is a kind of wireless networking that allows different gadgets and devices to be connected. Its connectivity usually occurs in a short range type of operations which makes it more of a personal connection to a group of people involved.

What Bluetooth Can Do

A Bluetooth enabled headset lets its user answer incoming calls from their mobile phones without having to get them. Some headsets can even perform an outgoing call using voice recognition. Aside from that, Bluetooth also can connect your headset not only to your phone but as well as to other devices such as mp3 players, computers or PDA. If you plan to purchase a headset, might as well continue reading so that we can help you how to choose the Bluetooth headset that best fits you.

There are different kinds of Bluetooth headset according to their size and styles. There headsets that are regularly wired which can be an ear bud speaker and shirt clip or major dual ear cup headphones with angle-boom microphone. There are also headsets that are small and very light that you would not even notice you are wearing them. Some headsets are also a heavy duty that is made with secure mounting structures to make sure they will not fall off easily. As compared to normal headsets, those with Bluetooth are bigger in size because of the battery and other electronics inside that are needed for its wireless connection.

How to find the right Bluetooth Headset

When choosing the right headset, you also have to consider the manner on how it is worn. There are two ways: by a loop around the ear or by plugging into your ear. The loop type of headset may be more comfortable but is less secure. On the other hand, the plug-in type may be uncomfortable at first but offers more security.

Another important consideration is the functionality of the headset. This includes how easy it is to use the headset and whether turning it on and off is convenient for you since you’ll be wearing it most of the time. The headset should also be able to connect to the mobile phone immediately. It is better if the headset is user-friendly and understanding other controls and functions should be easy.

You must also take into consideration the price of the headset whether or not it fits your budget. You should be practical enough to balance the functionality with its price. You can also choose the style and design that you want without giving up on its functionality.

What Are The Best Portable Scanners

best portable scanners

When you are looking to select a portable scanner, what are the best portable scanners will be your foremost question. This is a question that can be answered by assessing your needs. Different people have different needs, and hence you need a scanner which has features that address your needs. The following are critical aspects to look out for:

-It should have good resolution to accurately render your documents in digital format.

-It should have the capacity to scan different sizes of documents.

-It should be able to transfer or store the files created into a memory card or their internal hard disk.

-It should have the capacity to save the digital files in output formats that are compatible with other hardware.

-It should be highly portable.

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Resolution refers to the detail that the portable scanner renders to the digital copy of the document. The standard unit for measuring the resolution of a scanner is dots per inch (dpi). For simple text documents, a resolution of 300 dpi will normally be sufficient. However, for a portable scanner which may be called upon to scan complex color documents or paragraphs in the field, a 600 or higher dpi scanner is required. It is critical to note that scanning in high resolution means that your digital documents will take up more space on the device.

Paper Dimensions

The majority of scanners will be able to scan standard size documents. For your portable scanner, you need a scanner that can scan longer and shorter pages such as legal documents and itemized receipts. If you expect to scan many documents , a scanner that allows not only automatic, but also multi page paper feeder is recommended. A suitable portable scanner should include a guide for scanning varied document formats.

File Format and Data Interface

Scanned documents need to be transferred to your computer for storage. Many portable scanners will scan and save the digital files as JPG or PDF which are saved directly to the computer’s hard drive or transferred through a USB connection. An even better scanner will have the capacity to scan using optical character recognition software. This will offer greater convenience as such documents will be searchable on your computer as opposed to JPG and PDF.

File Management

A good portable scanner ought to have software to help in the management of the digital files. Software such as WIA and TWAIN that allow scanner access to third party applications make it easy to edit images and change their formats for ease of use. The portable scanner should be able to scan in color, black and white and grey scale.


In the determination of what are the best portable scanners, portability is a key component. You will need to determine the documents you are expecting to scan and your location at the time of the scan. If you are a person that often scans while on the move, a lighter scanner with less accessories may be best. For a user who scans most documents from home or the office, a larger unit in terms of weight, dimensions and accessories may not be much of a problem.

Using A Trail Camera On Your Next Hunting Trip

trail camera images

Using a trail camera on your next hunting trip have become an invaluable ally for hunters as well as wildlife photographers because of its ability to take pictures and pass on vital information without having to disturb the target. They actually nothing new as the technology have been around for quite some time already, it’s just that now, more and more individuals are becoming interested in them

What can you accomplish with a trail camera

As a result of fast development of digital cameras, it is nowadays fantastically painless to capture the nature. By means of modern wildlife cameras at TrailHuntingStuff you can easily watch, record as well as catch images of flora and fauna without disturbance. Neatest thing is that you are able to leave your wildlife camera just about anywhere from your private backyard to paths in the wilderness. Wildlife cameras are usually used by hunters so they can discover what kind of game are in certain area. Wildlife cameras also let nature lovers to observe countless sorts of animals within their natural habitats. By means of specified types of wildlife cameras, it is also possible to view animal activities in real time, thanks to live video feed.

How to use a trail camera in the best way

Trail cameras are types of wildlife cameras that are incredibly broadly used. A camera like this can commonly catch static images and record video. Typically they have sturdy, weatherproof casing. This makes it possible for them to be situated out in the wilds in any circumstance without the threat of being damaged. The majority of the these cameras are equipped with a fastening so that they can be wrapped around trees and various cameras also come with a lock to stop them being stolen. This kind of cameras are designed so that they are able to be left unmanned also for long periods of time.

Features & Brands

The images that are taken by trail cameras enclose the moment in time as well as day that it was recorded, making it more straightforward for hunters and nature enthusiasts to recognize when the best point to spot these creatures in action is. Cameras that are capable of capturing video as well usually provide this information on the video clips. You will find also camera models that mimic the sounds of animals to attract a wide diversity of animals to region. Trail cameras are great because they enable you to watch nature throughout the year.

Prices of trail cameras can vary significantly since you can find numerous different types on the marketplace. You can still stumble on a simple model with a hundred dollars but if you fancy a camera with extra features, expect to pay more than a few hundred dollars. It is good to understand that if you don’t require many different features you do not have to pay a huge price to obtain decent camera for your needs.

Lastly, even amongst the cheapest trail cameras you’ll want to pick a brand that you can trust. Moultrie and Cuddleback for example are some of the biggest names in trail cameras so starting your search with such companies might not be a bad idea. Just remember to consider all of the factors involved when purchasing, this way you’ll be able to avoid costly disasters later on.

How To Choose An Outdoor Security Camera

outdoor security camera

To keep track of what’s going on in your neighborhood, the need to protect family, and being a past victim of a robbery are all reasons for installing outdoor security cameras. Before purchasing any, take the time to assess the needs of the home. You can choose the very best camera for you and yours at by doing so. Outdoor security cameras can assist prevent robbery and vandalism at your house. They could also help capture or identify a thief or vandal who will enter your property. Many home security cameras, in the event their presence is evident, may possibly deter an intruder. But the wrong outdoor wireless security camera might not provide a clear photo of the intruders to police and allow for his capture and identification.

Assess the security needs of the house first

Would a camera mounted on the side of the home work best or one that can record visitors at the front door? Decide, next, whether you want your new device to record when it detects movement or constantly. It will save energy to purchase devices that record only when they detect movement.

Daylight-only or 24*7 surveillance

Infrared devices are cameras that are able to record images using a kind of infrared technology. They’re more useful than night vision cameras since they don’t need any existing light to produce an image. Instead they use IR illuminators to shine invisible light into an area. They are useful since they work great during the day and at night even in complete darkness.

Latest technology: PTZ & Bullet cameras

Consider having a bullet camera installed if you are looking for more discreet options. The devices are able to both start recording when there is movement detected and constantly. The devices most likely wouldn’t be noticed by burglars right away because they are small enough. Bullet cameras, for their size, also feature video quality that is excellent.

Pan tilt zoom (PtZ) devices feature very high tech zoom lenses and can swivel in nearly any direction. They are one of the best outdoor security cameras and are handy for both private residences and small companies. Many of them are adept at noticing and follow movement properly. To save on money, these cameras generally only start taping when they detect motion in their area.

When the decision on what outdoor camera to purchase for your home has been made, you can start shopping around for the best deal for one. Each type of camera has a price range that varies greatly. Before you start shopping for them, first determine your budget. Check out bargain stores and certain websites or look for coupons in the weekly newspaper.

Once your outdoor security camera has been found and purchased, the next step is installation. Decide where the device is to be hung and then follow the directions carefully during its setup. You could hire a professional to complete the job for you. If will cost a little more, but knowing the operation will be finished quickly and properly will be worth it for some. You could find an outdoor security camera in every imaginable style or size, with some other functions available to protect your property from intruders. These cameras would be the most functional method of surveillance for your home.